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Theatre jam is an experimental genre that combines specific theatrical training: object theatre and the form of a music jam.

We re gonna do live sound and such theatre where the main focus on stage is not the actor, but rather the object, light, sound landscape, and ultimately the polyphony of all the elements.

What we will be doing is similar to a montage – objects on the stage and the actor’s body, the body and light, light and live sound. By revealing the hidden properties of objects, interacting with them, we will extract new meanings from them, the surrounding space, and our own bodies, observing how a performative story unfolds before our eyes, liberated from direct associations.

Participants are encouraged to bring any musical instruments they may have and a few items that are dear to them, whether it’s a memory-filled object or a found charming item that caught their eye on the street – the main thing is that they want to interact with them.

Clothing and footwear should be comfortable to allow freedom of movement.