MKM at 4, Kraljevića Marka Street covers an area of 2000 m2, including the ground floor, the basement with the Small scene and the attic. The ground floor includes The Central Space, The Illegal cinema, The Dance Hall, and office space.

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Part of the former storage space of the Nolit publishing house. MKM6 and MKM4 are positioned one across the other, forming a small area of closed public space and the informal inner yard of Magacin.

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The space at Kraljevića Marka 8, with an area of 128 m2, was in 2007 also intended for the use of the organizations gathered at MKM, and from December 2016 it is functioning as Ostavinska.

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Izložba fiktivnih portreta koji se na simbolički način bave promatranjem i prikazom različitih stanja i ideja. Izložbu otvara Kabare Nebula performansom inspirisanim ovim radovima.  

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