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U sredu, 3. januara, u 17.30 č. u  Plesnoj sali održaće se radionica plesne improvizacije pod nazivom Dance’n’Draw NY workshop. 

DANCE IMPROVISATION Workshop in KC Magacin –
🎄✨ NEW YEAR’S Special Edition – if you’re interested in capturing movement as a drawing or a photo or any other visual form, join me for two special classes – on Jan 3rd & 5th – in KC MAGACIN.
We’ll be beginning the class together with a warm up and will be continuing with the guided improvisation, moving, living through the images, creating instant solos and duos.
✨ Bring materials you might need for the visualisation of the Dance – during these classes you’re invited to switch between dancing and drawing anytime. The central idea of this workshop is to create an interaction between the dance and forms of visual art, how they can inspire each other. And at the end both are based on movement, so why creating a drawing or taking a photo can’t be a Dance?
The classes are donation-based – give what you can if you can.
Language: English
Please, email me ➡️ olga.uzikaeva.ples@gmail.com