Magacin at 8, Kraljevića Marka Street

At 8 Kraljevića Marka Street, there is a space of 128 m2, which is physically partly separated from the rest of The Magacin Cultural Centre. In 2007, this area was assigned to organizations working in The Magacin Cultural Centre, but in 2013, the Youth Centre gave it to The Goethe Institute for the realization of the project “Urban Incubator”. The contract expired at the end of 2016, when the users of The Magacin Cultural Centre returned to that space, which continued to work under the name of Ostavinska. 

Ostavinska is most often used for exhibitions, but its programmes can include performances, rehearsals, meetings, and various talk programs. The space can be reserved for a maximum of a week. If it is an exhibition, the users are obligated to ensure that the space is open at least 4 hours a day; the recommended time is 5 – 9 p.m.