Magacin at 4, Kraljevića Marka Street

The largest part of The Magacin Cultural Centre is located at 4 Kraljevića Marka Street. The building itself is owned by the City of Belgrade, and it was previously the storage area of the Nolit publishing house; it covers an area of 2,000 m2 , including the ground floor, the basement and the attic. The attic space, with a surface area of 274 m2 , is still non-functional. The ground floor and basement are divided into the following 8 units: 

The Central space is a multifunctional space that is used for rehearsals, practise sessions, shows, performances, exhibitions, debates, film screenings, etc. 

The Dance Hall is a space that has a professional dance floor and is mainly used for dance rehearsals, performances, practice sessions and education. The Dance Hall is used following the specific model of 6/12/18, i.e. the maximum number of hours per week is limited for the different types of activities: 6 hours for education, 12 hours for creative processes, and 18 hours for rehearsals for a premiere or a public performance. 

Cowork is a space for joint office work, but it is also used for meetings, workshops, lectures, reading rehearsals. Cowork is reserved for regular activities of co-workers from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on workdays and from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays and is available to everyone at any other time. 

The Meeting Room is an office-type space and is used for meetings, workshops, lectures and reading rehearsals. 

The Illegal cinema is the first space of the Magacin Cultural Centre with a specific use. It is primarily intended for screenings, but can also be used for rehearsals, exhibitions and performances. 

The Basement (without The Small Scene) is a combined space for the storage of materials and equipment, but the free space in the Basement can also be used for various activities: exhibitions, installations, performances. In the Basement, there are lockers in which regular users of Magacin store their belongings, equipment and printed material; lockers with shared technical equipment and raw material; an aera in which the Magacin mobiliary is stored and a section with an improvised dance floor. 

The Small Scene is the part of the basement space with an improvised dance floor and it is used for theatrical and reading rehearsals, as well as dance and physical activities that do not require a professional dance floor. It can be used for public performances. 

The Deaf Room is a room located on the ground floor of The Magacin Cultural Centre, and is used for keeping technical equipment and props that are frequently used. It is not in the calendar as a separate space and is not intended for carrying out activities.