• How does Magacin work?

The cultural centre Magacin is a self-organized space intended for art, culture and social activity. The use of an open calendar enables it to be available for free use to hundreds of users who collaboratively contribute to its preservation and improvement. Magacin can under no conditions be used for commercial purposes, nor to advertise sponsors, charge fees for training sessions or classes, or to sell tickets. Magacin does not have employees, it is run by the community of its users by jointly set conditions of use, principles and values.The coordinator for the month communicates with users and schedules events in the calendar.

  • How to become a Magacin user?

If you are interested in using one of the spaces of Magacin, you need to contact the coordinator asking about the availability of the space in question for the dates you want your event to take place, giving a short description of yourself/your organization and the program you wish to organize. If users express interest in regular use of the space, they can apply for the status of a regular user. If they accept the terms and conditions of use and maintenance, act accordingly with values of Magacin, they are presented at the regular Assembly. If there are no objections from the regular users, the application is accepted and the candidates become regular users of Magacin.

  • Is renting space in Magacin possible?

No space in Magacin can be rented or charged for use.

  • What can Magacin be used for? What are the conditions of use?

Magacin is a multifunctional space used for performances, exhibitions, rehearsals, training, discussions, screenings, presentations, education, production and administrative office work. Programmes are namely related to contemporary art and culture, but also to educational and informative programmes designated to develop and strengthen the capacity of organizations in the civil sector, informal groups, individuals and others active in the fields of culture, education, youth, media, human rights, social matters, urban development and the environment. Priority is given to public events. Principles and conditions of use can be found here. Specifications of Magacin’s spaces are available here..

  • How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Depending on the type of the event, a reservation of the space can be made for:
Public events with a defined content and basic information – up to 4 months in advance
Preparations of public events, rehearsals, creative process – up to 2 months in advance
Meetings and regular trainings and such – up to 1 month in advance
Confirmed international collaborations (with a written confirmation from the partner) – up to 12 months in advance.

  • Does Magacin have available equipment? How can I borrow it?

There is some equipment that can be borrowed if needed (a projector, spotlights, cables, a sound system, screens, chairs). If the equipment is available on the specified date, borrowing can be arranged with the coordinator. It is necessary to make the arrangement while scheduling the event/programme.

  • Is there anyone at Magacin who can help me with setting up the exhibition, organizing the space or technical assistance?

Magacin does not have employees, so preparation, organization and realization of the programme is entirely up to you. It is your responsibility to acquire the equipment that Magacin doesn’t have as well as to set up all the technical equipment.

  • What are my obligations as a Magacin user?

Responsible behaviour, following the House Rules and Conditions of Use, leaving the space as it was found.

  • What can I not do at Magacin?

You cannot organize commercial events or commercial exhibitions at Magacin, or use it to advertise sponsors, charge trainings, lessons or tickets. Smoking is prohibited. You may not undertake any potentially infrastructural changes or interventions without consulting other users. Magacin’s culture opposes behaviour such as discrimination, harassment, prejudice, religious or political agenda, space privatization and making profit.