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U nedelju, 10. januara, u 18č. u Podrumu održaće se plesni performans „Ray“ Nemanje Boškovića.


Brute force was rising up the temperature, memory was overflooding. Requests were piling on top of each other and we couldn’t detach from the swarm of information.  An idea was to stay focused and aware of the choking. I used 0 and 1, and gave you a chance to surpass the first momentum shift. Virtual behaviour was immediate so that our mind could exceed limitations of the space. Maintaining what your body was processing and drilling deep inside the core to relieve the pressure. Now is the time for us to answer the physical world. Time to rest our eyes from the frame of light which was the main source for a long period of time.
You will encounter a face that is melting.
You will sense the fearless breath.
You will move guided by the ray.

As I did.

Zbog ograničenog broja mesta, prijave su obavezne i to slanjem imejla na: nemanjabskvcdf@gmail.com