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U subotu, 13. novembra, u Ostavinskoj, će autor Diren Demir izvesti svoj jednoipočasovni performans, u 15 časova, pod nazivom „Speak to the Water“.

Speak to the Water, is based on the belief that the effect and emotional state of bad dreams can be healed by explaining it to the water. Diren uses the water element that can change its structure according to what it witnesses. The water element is the symbol of the subconscious, dreams, secrets, unknown and deep knowledge. Diren reads various fragments of the dream diaries that he has been recording since 2012. Narrationing his dreams into the water, Diren invents a dream library consisting of water glasses. The area revealed by the performance realizes the disclosure of the subconscious and opens space for psychoanalytic readings. The library formed at the end of the performance is open to drink by those who want to feel Diren’s dreams.