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Circle is a theatrical essay intertwining storytelling, visual art, architecture, and
sociological research. The space is thus marked by sculptural structures made
of building materials, which are connected by a live narrative.

It speaks of
parks, which visual artist Neja Tomšič and the interdisciplinary group of artists,
architects and theorists Nonument Group understand as a field of different
interests, ideas and policies. Both Nonument Group and Neja Tomšič tell
about political and social ideas, movements and policies, whose changes are
reflected in material reality – common public areas.

They began their initial
research work in Cluj Napoca, in the abandoned Railway Workers’ Park,
which found itself at the intersection of neoliberal city interests and the racist
attitude towards Roma residents and the poor, crammed into a ghetto on the
outskirts of the city. As a leitmotif, the park also accompanies other, personal
stories of the narrators – as a legacy, a nonument, the trace of which remains
in the memories of (former) users even after the change in land use.

At the
same time, Circle remains a relevant work of art, as it contextualizes time and
again the place where it is staged – be it the history of the Cukrarna sugar
factory, the former Tranzit House synagogue in Cluj, Ljubljana’s Old Power
Station or KC Magacin Belgrade.

The production was created in the frame of the international project Srtonger
Peripheries: A Southern Coalition.
Supported by: European Union – Creative Europe Programme: Culture,
Stronger Peripheries: A Southern Coalition, Ministry of Culture of Slovenia,
City Municipality of Ljubljana, Cukrarna / Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana