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h i a t u s  ||  ( 1 1 0 1 1 )


„And in an instance all words perish” (Lacan, Hiatus irratinalis)

This is an experiment, an experience. I will tell you the story, which will be happening. Into me, around: my story. There is a living laboratory: something is cultured there: something is disappearing, something is originating. There is the distance between the events, between the visions. Everything happens inside it, inside the distance, inside the corpus. What is exposed, it is the process, the „element of formation“, the pursuit of the original rhythm, in time. This takes place in man’s (body) or through man’s (body): in a hiatus between spoken words.



Maria Nova’s ongoing art project explores body representation in a process of identity transformation in self-created character NOVA The project started by the act of legally changing her last name to Nova and by this act of dis-indentification challenging institutional practices for care and governance of her body. Meaning produced this way is inherently political. These self-reflections are interwoven with contemplation on the ethereal and fragile nature of self-identity, that can be seen as something fluid and sensitive to changes, placed on a body as a limitation of theorising of itself. The act has given the artist an opportunity to develop theoretical tools to rethink (own body), corporeity. Teresa Macri noted, “These alterations, that the body meets, oust its identity and redefine a mutant subjectivity” (The Postorganic body, 1996.), and perhaps moving away from human condition and getting closer to the essence of existence.

In durational >experience< „Hiatus”, artist will be placing her body in an enclosed space, and will remain isolated in the gallery throughout the exhibition for 11011 minutes (7.5 days). The performance is the plan to experience introspection of self-imposed reality of intervention and use it as laboratory of cultivating identity, exploring its intimate essence, in order to produce a transformative impact on the world.

Marija Kadelburg

Artist: Maria Nova / NOVA

Curators: MI Kadelburg


The experience has already started on Saturday 6.29 AM and will last until Saturday, July 20th until 10 PM.

The opening takes place on Sunday, 8 PM.

There will be some events organized during the exhibition, follow us.

Opening hours are 5-9 PM & and at other times you can observe the situation through the gallery window.