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U subotu, 19. decembra, u 16č. u Centralnom prostoru odigraće se performans “Celebrating the World”, argentinskog dua „The Twin’s Trip“, koji sačinjavaju Emilio i Leandro Ponse, iskusni zabavljači iz Argentine. Očekuje nas zabavan i dinamičan performans koji uključuje žongliranje, teatarski klovn, igranje sa košarkaškom loptom, balansiranje i pantomimu i dočarava nam posebnu vezu između identičnih blizanaca.

Trajanje predstave je 30 minuta.
Autori o predstavi (eng):

“Celebrating the World” is a fun and dynamic visual animated show which allows you to discover the special connection between a pair of identical twins. An extravagant mix of juggling, clowning, basketball spinning, balancing, miming by using umbrellas, balls, clubs, hats, knives with the add of dance moves and brave volunteers make this performance leaves the audience on the edge of their seats, gasping, singing, clapping and even dancing along, making each moment a memorable one.

The Twin’s Trip is a duo integrated by Emilio and Leandro Ponce, identical twin brothers from Argentina. The experienced entertainers have developed they career for the last 10 years and found by the arts of circus, music and dance a new way of work: ART-TERTEINMENT.

The brothers have traveled the world for the last 6 years without interruption and went to more than 30 countries through South America, Central America, Mexico, Europe and Asia, learning languages and different skills to create a special performance with just one big aim „To live by making people happy all over the world“.